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You can use our ETSY Store for Online Shopping.

You can use our ETSY Store for Online Shopping. Click to go to our ETSY Store...

You can use our ETSY Store for Online Shopping.

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We established ZEGSEN in 2004 in Denizli. Since then, we have been delivering Turkey's best quality, natural, organic, and exclusive products to our customers all over the world.

We only sell the products we use in our store. The vast majority of Turkish products we sell are original products that we have developed and managed. Our products have relevant certificates. We produce our products according to Turkish Food Institute and European standards.

What makes ZEGSEN special is our passion for quality, naturalness, tradition, and sustainable production.

The ZEGSEN team works 24 hours a day for you, our valued customers, to improve our product range.


ZEGSEN, which provides different life energy to your interiors and creates designs intertwined with minimalism, offers unique products that strengthen your home decoration and functionality and make your life easier. ZEGSEN, with its modern design lines in Turkish-style home textile products, creates unique combinations in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, decoration, clothing, and personal care areas. It brings together unique products that will help you create style easily.

Refresh Your Bedroom with Home Textile Models

ZEGSEN changes the atmosphere of your bedrooms with its stylish products designed for bedrooms; It brings the comfort you seek to your home with its Turkish-style home textile products. The colorful bedding set options that you can use in your bedroom are eye-catching. Designed as single, double, and king-size duvet cover models, they are made of the highest quality cotton and bring a completely different comfort to your sleep processes. Bedding options and elastic bed linens that help you maintain your comfort during sleep can be purchased as separate pieces and bedding sets. With our bedroom sets, you can protect your bed and ensure that your skin comes into contact with soft and comfortable parts during sleep.

Turn Types of Bedspreads into an Accessory

ZEGSEN bedspreads and pique sets are one of the most important pieces that affect the decoration of your bedroom. Simple and stylish bedspreads that camouflage your bed and adapt to your room's decoration; It can be designed as a multi-purpose. Pique sets and bedspreads made from dozens of different fabric types such as muslin, cotton, polyester, jacquard, quilted, organic cotton, and knitting create aesthetic touches in your bedroom with their original patterns and colors. Although pique models are generally preferred in summer and spring, they can also be used in autumn and winter for decorative purposes. Made of different fabrics than bedspreads, make your bedroom more original with its stylish structure. Piques help make your bedroom more unique with their elegant design. ZEGSEN supports your body and keeps you warm during sleep with pillow and quilt options; It provides neck, shoulder, and head support with orthopedic pillows, goose feather pillows, and silicone pillows. Wool, goose down, cotton, microfiber, and quilt options offer warmth and comfort that you can use throughout all four seasons.

Feel the Touch of Cotton with Elegant Blanket Models

Blankets, obligatory in winter, offer a completely different aesthetic and comfort in the ZEGSEN collection. You can use cotton and thin ZEGSEN blanket designs such as Zigzag Waffle, Soffty, Folk, Urban, and Mark every month of the year. You can also examine the most modern versions of traditional thick blanket options. According to the concept, you can choose home textile products that overlap with decoration and design methods, such as conventional, modern, authentic, retro, and minimalist, according to the color and design of your room. For small bedrooms, you can choose lighter-colored home textile products, and you can turn to darker colors to change the perspective perception of the width of the space. Among the home textile products of ZEGSEN, which has created a wide variety of designs, You can see geometric patterns, floral ornaments, written, polka dot, or striped patterns. You can find the home textile products best fit your room's design. You can choose the home textile products for your bedroom in tones close to each other and achieve a unique harmony. You can buy pique and bedspread sets designed in various sizes, such as 160 x 240 cm, 220 x 240 cm, and 150 x 220 cm, according to your bed size.

Prepare Eye-catching Tables with Kitchenware

ZEGSEN, which prepares visually rich and unique designs for tables, each of which is an accessory, is with you in special dinners, in your daily meal routines, and in all your preparations for your special guests! This will create stylish images on your table; serving and presentation utensils, plates, bowls, layered services, and kitchen tablecloths make images that change your table preparation habits. Placemat models, which are in natural harmony with the kitchen tablecloths that strengthen the stylish appearance of your table, add a modern and impressive touch to your table. Suppose you also want to create a different atmosphere on your table and complete the stylish decoration of your home with a beautiful table. In that case, you can choose the tablecloths and candlestick models that complement each other with kitchen tablecloths. With these stylish pieces, you can choose different styles and make your special days even more special. You can use kitchen tablecloths on both the bare table and the tablecloth. You can evaluate kitchen tablecloths made from fabrics resistant to stains, such as vinyl, PVC, and polyester, and add an aesthetic touch to your table with vinyl tablecloths prepared with digital printing processes or openwork knitting techniques.

Cup Set: For Your Tea & Coffee Hours

Making your beverage presentations much more original and stylish, ZEGSEN turns these unique pieces accompanying your conversations into collections that appeal to your visual taste. It offers elegant cup set options anytime, allowing you to complete your coffee and tea pleasure with a unique look. Cup sets are made of fine porcelain, a particular type of porcelain; It brings together colorful floral patterns, geometric patterns, gold lines, and Turkish-style cup forms. The suits in different numbers, such as double and six, also offer different designs for private conversations with your loved ones.

The teacup set and other presentation sets, which have a protective glaze layer against deformation and scratches that may occur by washing processes and are strengthened by this layer, can accompany your conversations for many years. The mug types that you can make delicious and aesthetic presentations to your guests are prepared in various themes and symbolize the value you give to your guests. Designed with delicate and unique prints, the mugs offer many colors, forms, and themes harmoniously with your decor concept. Tea glass and jug sets, which combine the privileged designs of ZEGSEN with different techniques such as crystal and bamboo, make your daily tea and soft drink presentations more decadent and flashy. By examining the Kitchen - Tableware category, you can reach elegant tea & coffee presentation products and instantly access the product selection that suits your taste. You can evaluate the carafe options that offer eye-catching images with their aesthetic forms and add more original pieces to your presentations.

Gain Practical Solutions with Kitchenware

ZEGSEN, which preserves its original style in kitchenware and offers practical solutions to its users with its designed products, makes the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable. Making a difference with kitchen utensils, kitchen textiles, cooking products, and kitchen arrangement products that organize your kitchen, ZEGSEN also helps you save time in the kitchen with the solutions it offers through its products. Types of storage containers that extend the expiry time of foods with their vacuum structures are obtained from different materials such as stainless steel, glass, plastic, and melamine. They can be purchased in multiples or individually. The storage containers where you can store your breakfast items, fruits, leftover meals, and all other foods are designed in dimensions of approximately 14, 16, and 18 cm.

The storage containers, offered as three for users, are generally sold in double compartments, although they have single rooms. Especially the multi-compartment storage containers, where you can store your breakfast items, make it easier to keep the excess nutrients. The containers with bamboo lids, glass, and ceramics, create colorful and healthy images in your kitchen with their careful design and forms. Thermos cups, which you can use safely at work and home, allow you to keep your drinks hot and cold with the difference of ZEGSEN. Thermos cups designed in mug form can meet users' needs with different size options. Mug thermos cups with you in traffic, travel and all other outdoor uses continue to find a place in kitchens with modern images and colorful designs.

ZEGSEN offers life-saving alternatives to its users with its cooking products; It makes your kitchen life more manageable with kitchen utensils such as cake mold types, pot models, ovenware, grills, and teapot. You can also see molds, tiny cupcakes, and cookie molds that allow you to prepare great cakes at home. ZEGSEN cookware, which consists of the most special pot options of the Modest and Jardin series, is produced from granite materials that have been widely used in recent years and are highly appreciated for their non-combustible and non-stick properties. In addition to granite pots, there are also traditional pots made of stainless steel. The banks designed at the 18/10 level, one of the longest-lasting and most durable steel ratios, are offered for sale as double or single. The pots are produced in various sizes, such as 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm, and 26 cm.

Bath Mat, Bath Rug, and More

Renovate your bathroom, ultimately bringing together the extraordinary designs you will like; ZEGSEN; transforms your bathroom into a comfortable space with laundry basket models that will contribute to your bathroom decor, bath mat models that offer a soft touch in your bathroom, bathrobe sets and bath towels that make your shower pleasure more comfortable. Bathrobes are provided for sale in pairs; they are designed in three different concepts: women, men, and children. The bathrobes, offered for sale in sets for families, also include stylish patterns for individual uses. Bathrobes with high water withdrawal rates also offer original color choices such as mink, dry rose, lavender pink, damson, mint green, and beige.

Pique bathrobes and loincloths, ideal products to use in the summer months, make it easier for you to choose sizes such as S, M, L, and XL and make choices that fit your body. Offering dimensions such as 60 x 90 cm, and 60 x 100 cm, the bath mats are designed in the classic ZEGSEN style and add a fresh touch to your home decor. You can buy bath mats, which offer different color and pattern types that will adapt to your bathroom ceramics, as a set or as separate pieces. You can evaluate the bathroom rug models for huge bathrooms, and you can also take a look at the types of bath mats offered for sale in pairs. You can also review face and hand towel options for your bathroom and buy embroidered hand towels that you can use both for your kitchen and your bathroom.

Carpet and Rug: Soft Pieces on Your Home Floor

ZEGSEN, which makes the floor parts of your home more comfortable, soft, and at the same time more stylish, colors your home with the elegance of carpet and rug models. Modern carpet options are representative of an elegant grace that comes from simplicity; With bamboo, jacquard, chenille, printed, and cotton carpets, it can appeal to the tastes of its users and respond to their search for style. Rugs designed in sizes such as 80 x 150 cm, 120 x 180 cm, 80 x 140 cm, 160 x 230 cm, and 150 x 200 cm provide integrity among your home decoration choices with their non-slip base features. Carpets that you can use in sections such as the living room, bedroom, young room, entrance, and kitchen are prepared in very original patterns and forms such as ground embroidered, digitally printed, geometric patterns, and aged. Carpets from materials such as cotton and polyester are also appreciated for their stain-resistant structures. Reinforced against negative factors such as humidity and mold, carpet types add a solid richness to interiors with a design selection that fully adapts to different decoration types.

Combine Your Imagination with Decoration Products

ZEGSEN, a distinguished product collection in home accessories, makes your TV enjoyment more comfortable with sofa shawl models and decorative pillow types compatible with your sofa colors. The category of home decoration products that offer functional decoration products such as TV blankets; also introduces romantic cubes, hanging accessories, snow globes, and birds of abundance. You can use decorative accessories on buffets, dining tables, coffee tables, TV units, and bookcase shelves; You can also choose it in different sections such as the bedroom and the hallway. The types of candle holders that create very stylish images in the bedrooms, on the other hand, enable you to create a surplus in your decor with their structures that change your home's energy.

Vase models, which come together in the ZEGSEN decoration category, can create very stylish images with the help of artificial flowers. ZEGSEN vases, which move away from the classical vase form and catch a modern line, are produced in different sizes such as 30 cm, 24 cm, and 19 cm. vases; It becomes more interesting with different colors and forms works such as amber, gold, ecru, coral red, and crystal. Decorative box types and basket models are among the most preferred decoration products. Baskets, which help you organize your home and create stylish images, can be designed in starched lace form, crocheted, or straw knitting format.

Baby Duvet Cover Set: Comfortable Choices for Your Baby

ZEGSEN stands by mothers who want to make the right choice for their babies. Unique opportunities are offered in the baby & child category with bedding set options, which are made of cotton materials and allow your baby to spend their sleeping moments comfortably. Duvet cover sets, which beautify baby rooms and protect your baby's health with their antibacterial structures, consist of pillowcases, sheets, and duvet cover pieces. Baby bed linens, generally produced in 100 x 150 cm format, can be used in all cribs, such as basket cradles, bed cribs, and growing cribs. ZEGSEN creates a warm and comfortable space for your baby with its soft baby blanket options. It allows you to do the best for your baby by offering unique designs you can use from the beginning. Baby pajama models and adult pajama sets, which provide extra comfort during sleep, are designed in colors compatible with each other and offer comfort.

ZEGSEN, which also designs exclusive products in the field of clothing, personal care, and cosmetics, allows you to take advantage of unique opportunities for both your home and your family, with fast delivery through its online sales platform, a return guarantee within 30 days, cargo campaigns, in-store delivery advantages, and seasonal discounts. You can also benefit from the privileges of ZEGSEN and start shopping immediately to create elegant and stylish images in your home.

Buy Turkish Style Products Online

Buy Turkish-style bazaar products online from the manufacturer and supplier ZEGSEN. Our products are delivered to your door quickly and without needing to go to the Istanbul Grand Bazaar. Please visit our ETSY store for shopping.

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As ZEGSEN, we have been trying to deliver the best to our customers for years.


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