Dispelling the "Free Shipping" Myth Once and for All

Free shipping is the marketing strategy used by many retailers to lure in customers. However, this can be misleading and may cause you to pay more for your products.

Shipping costs are usually included in the product price, and as you add more products to your cart, the cost of free shipping on products will be continuously added to your order. In contrast, weight-based shipping ensures that the cost per item decreases as the basket becomes heavier. This means the product is more affordable and you don't have to worry about extra shipping costs.

For instance, let's say you buy 3 towels, 1 of which costs $5 and 1 kg of which costs $15 for shipping, you will pay a total of $30 for the product and shipping costs. However, if you choose free shipping, you might have to pay extra money. For example, if the price of 1 towel is $20 including free shipping, you buy 3 towels for $60 and you will fall into the trap of marketplaces and sellers, because they will only pay $15 shipping for 3 towels. And you'll pay an extra $30.

Free shipping tricks are also used for orders over 35 USD or more, just to prevent customers from falling into this trap. In this way, you will be deceived into paying more money, thinking that you are getting free shipping. Some companies even keep the initial entry price very low for products for which the second and third product purchases are very high.

To sum it up, you always pay the shipping fee, whether it is free shipping or weight-based shipping. No seller will cover this. So why continue to pay more with the FREE SHIPPING LIE? It's your choice.

In conclusion, free shipping is a major trap. You are never sure how much you are paying for the product, and you always end up paying extra without knowing the shipping cost.

At ZEGSEN, we believe in fair trade and transparency. We set our shipping costs clearly for all countries without adding any profit margins. By choosing us, you can save money and ensure a fair shopping experience.